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The Beach of Hirondelles

The Cap-Ferret is an enchanting place where you can breathe conviviality and harmony. This large city is the perfect destination to make the most of the holiday you have always dreamed of. Set off on an adventure and explore the wonderful sites the city has to offer. Precisely on this point, let us suggest you the beach of Hirondelles, an exceptional place with enchanting decoration which captivates more than one heart!

Most of the beaches in Cap-Ferret are located close to the oyster areas. This is exactly the case of the Hirondelles, where you can alternate between diving, games with your children, swimming, strolling and of course you can make the most of the tasting of oysters which make the great reputation of Cap Ferret.

The Hirondelles beach is a superb escape on Earth which has a charming side that immediately encourages you to discover its surrounding areas. Its exceptional situation close to the Bay of 'Arcachon makes it both wild and authentic. Its surrounding areas are made up of dunes and pines whose scents are pleasantly mixed in order to intoxicate visitors in search of new experiences.

The site is one of the most quiet beaches in the Lège Cap-Ferret region. However, it remains less crowded even in high season. If you are looking for a calm while taking advantage of the sea at the same time, then you know now where to spend the holidays ! The beach of Hirondelles opens its doors to summer visitors wishing to practice kitesurfing in a well preserved and protected area.

Located just a few meters from the beach of La Jetée, the touristic area has the privilege to bear the name of the great villa of Hirondelles which gives a special atmosphere to the decoration of the surroundings. There is also a small and lively harbor where the local boats come alongside. Throw yourself into a good stroll wholeheartedly and make the most of your promenade at the edge of the Bay to the Pointe aux Horses ... A must-do activity on the spot!