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The Crohot beach

The Crohot beach is a magnificent escapade, which is covered with sublime maritime pines and which is lined with beautiful golden sand. You will certainly appreciate it, the site has so many potential to turn upside down more than one heart! It has so much to offer on both the tourist and the visual side. Let yourself be overwhelmed with emotion by discovering its limpid and calm sea with an attractive color especially sloping with a beautiful shading off blue.

How to reach Crohot beach? The path is made by marked trails in grating ... Just browsing an access to the site is already an enchantment ! The surrounding areas of the beach are heavily monitored, especially during summer periods where the places are permanently crammed with tourists. A maintenance of the place is also carried out frequently so that the bathers can make the most of a setting which is at the same time protected and clean.

The waves are excellent, not very brutal, but not so quiet either. A nudist beach is on the extreme right of the Petit Crohot site. If ever you feel peckish, you can quench yourself and satisfy the delicious dishes prepared by the local restaurants. Bars are also present in the scenery of the beach so that the visitors can benefit from pleasant moments while being in the middle of a paradisiacal setting where the wind blows in a pleasant and repressing way!

On site, you can indulge in the pleasures of several water sports. Surf schools are available to guide you and teach you the practice ... Young and old alike are welcome, so do not hesitate to come and meet professionals to advise you on surfing! Those who adore picnic parties will also find what they are looking for in areas that are ideally suited for this purpose!