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The beach of the Americans in Cap-Ferret

Do you want to go on vacation ? The Cap-Ferret is the ideal destination which will make you spend an excellent stay in a paradisiacal setting, a place that lots of tourists in search of thrills are dreming of. A real wonder for a change of scene, the city offers you an amazing site that is the Americans' beach, a coveted place that always arouses interest to visitors.

The spot is majestically located a few meters north of the Bélisaire jetty of Cap-Ferret. How to get there? You can take a path from the pier, but it is important that the sea is low in order to avoid walking in deep water. However, you can walk along the alley of the loubins or the gray path to join the Americans' beach at high tide from the jetty.

A magnificent tourist place is waiting for you with a beautiful view on the peninsula of Cap-Ferret, but also on the whole Bay of Arcachon. Do you know that the name of the beach of the Americans comes from the US Navy which, during the First World War, has built a hydrobase in order to strengthen the defense of the naval convoys in the Bay of Biscay and to effectively counter the German submarines.

It is among other things the most natural beach of Cap-Ferret thanks to the existence of pines and fruit trees that adorn the surrounding areas of this tourist place. Visitors also appreciate this green side of the square, but also because it is the effect of a photogenic landscape ideal for decorating the most beautiful postcards.

Of course, with the large trees just close to the site, it is easier for bathers to find shady places to put their towels while taking advantage of a panoramic view of the Dune du Pilat ... With its wooded pine field, the ambient air of the beach of the Americans smells pleasantly good with the perfumes emanating the trees. The water is very quiet, ideal for bathing children in piece and quiet.