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The famous films shot in Cap-Ferret

The peninsula of Cap-Ferret possesses all the charms of the world to inspire jealousy the other destinations of the same caliber. It never stops arousing interest of the holidaymakers, but also the film producers who have a small liking for its landscapes with paradisiacal contrasts that you will love to contemplate and to stay for the holidays.

Thanks to its large-scale environment, Cap-Ferret has often been used as a location for shooting movies. On this point, we will present 2 beautiful achievements undertaken in the miniature city with the timeless charms and which made the "must" on all the internet! See you soon !

The Little Handkerchiefs ( Les Petits Mouchoirs )

This full - length feature film by Guillaume Canet was released in 2010. It is a film that tells the story of a group of friends who have planned to spend their summer holidays with their families especially on the Bay of Arcachon. But the stay took a disastrous turn ... With the death of one of theirs, the band tries to keep the secret and carry the heavy burden together. The realization was carried out in large part at Cap Ferret where we see especially the Arcachon basin highlighted.


We are already at Camping 3! The great producer Fabien Onteniente never stops inspiring with awe thanks to his humorous potential to concoct a fascinating and clownlike film. The latter takes place mainly at the Camping des Flots Bleus in Cap-Ferret making on the red carpet the illustrious actor Franck Dubosc in the comic Patrick Chirac’ shoes. The director of the full- length feature film in the 3 seasons has particularly chosen a superb villa of Cap-Ferret located on the banks of the Bay of Arcachon. The skilled worker have especially sublimated the house on the front line especially in Camping 3 which was released in the room June 29, 2016.