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To have a rest, to chill, to relax ... Whatever term is most appropriate to define your holiday as you imagine, the Cap Ferret will satisfy your desires. The pioneer place of the peninsula, the Cap Ferret promises calm and conviviality. All you have to do is enjoy it ... and find your holiday apartment in Cap Ferret!

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Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Cap Ferret, Gironde. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Cap Ferret offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday villa in Cap Ferret or a villa with swimming pool.

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The regular visitors of Cap Ferret have their habits ... Good days always begin with a small tour of the stalls of the market, which is held every day. Fresh products from the sea or from the vegetable garden, decorative tinkering that catch your eye or even nice piece that just missed your wardrobe: you find everything in a colorful and joyful atmosphere! From the Market Square, you can walk and reach the place of your choice very easily. Find friends for a coffee, visit the lighthouse or even buy a seafood platter in a picturesque neighboring oyster farm ... You can also decide on a whim to embark the whole family in a boat in order to discover the Arguin bank. In a few minutes of sailing, you reach the exit of the Bassin d'Arcachon, exactly where the calm waters of the Basin and those of the tumultuous ocean blend. The color of the water turns turquoise with crystalline shades. Impossible not to dabble there! The panorama will not leave you indifferent. To the east, a mountain of sand of 110 meters, you will certainly recognize the famous dune of Pilat. To the north, the lighthouse which overlooks the point of Cap Ferret, in the west, the ocean as far as the eye can see ... The cardinal points testify to the extent of one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe. The bench of Arguin consists of an immense sandbank about 4 kilometers long by 2 wide at low tide. Its beautifully golden surface is more or less visible according to the tides. Its shape and its location vary according to the sea currents. However, birds always find their way back to their favorite nesting place. The bench is also a high wintering and migratory halting place for many species of birds, in particular the tern Caugek, also called the tavernot. You too, take advantage of this paradisiacal environment to make a family picnic, then leave to explore this bench unique enough in its kind. Once filled with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking panoramas, you will find with pleasure the modern civilization and the comfort of your apartment in Cap Ferret. If you are tempted by a beautiful house in Cap Ferret, My Home In has concocted a list of very attractive offers