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Spending your holidays in the village of L'Herbe is like slipping into a decor of a postcard ... The little streets which are so narrow that two bicycles do not cross, huts and fishermen's houses with colorful shutters and the flowered gardens, entertainment on every street corner ... Find your accommodation in Cap Ferret in the Lherbe area.

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My home in Cap Ferret has listed holiday rentals offers in Cap Ferret Lherbe. If you are looking for some information about this holiday destination, just check on our website and pick up the right accommodation in Cap Ferret and one of its districts such as Le petit Piquay or Le Grand Piquay.

Holiday lets in Cap Ferret Lherbe

In other words, you will love to stroll at the heart of this small corner of authentic and preserved paradise. At random of your strolls, you will have the chance to see the waters of the Basin in an unprecedented day. Images of postcards stolen between two houses, away from tourists and guided tours. Enjoy one of your walks on the Boulevard de la Plage to visit the chapel of the Villa Algérienne. This Moorish-style palace built in the 1960s is a perfect stopover so as to admire the interior mosaics and the surrounding landscape. By pushing a bit further before the walk, you can enjoy a sea bath on a beach of the protected Bassin from the waves of the ocean. There are no rollers or surfers at the top of the waves, but rather a typical beach that families on vacation like to visit at any time of the day. The more athletic ones take the departure from one of these beaches to sea kayak excursions. Discover the ten villages of the Basin seen from the sea or paddle up to the Island of birds. Instructors are there to guide you and provide expert advice. After all these emotions, an oyster tasting is essential ... not forgetting to accompany the seafood platter with a glass of local white wine. What if your holiday program was so simple?Bet on relaxation within easy rich, in an exotic and authentic setting, by renting a house in the maze of alleys of the village of L'Herbe.