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The beach of the Herbe, an escape for the whole family

Would you like to get away in an idyllic setting with a heavenly decoration? Why not spend the summer holidays at the beach of the Herbe, a tourist site that makes the renown of Cap Ferret? It is unlikely a magnificent and timeless place that is located in Lège-Cap-Ferret in Gironde in New Aquitaine region.

The beach of the Herbe is ready to welcome the endless games of your toddlers who will be happy being there, gladly making castles with the blond and golden sand of the shore. The water is also excellent with a beautiful color degraded emerald. The site offers a flat slope where you do not risk losing easily your feet.

Provided with a paradise decoration combining the green of nature and the blue of the ocean, the beach of the Herbe is the ideal place to play in the sand and serenely crunches its small grains of vacancy in all tranquility. Indeed, it is a place that is less frequented by tourists. How to get there? The site is accessible by walking through small paths between the houses that are located close to the beach.

Bathing should be done only at high tide because of the slope that turns out to be gentle at low water. If you feel like you are losing your way to the beach, you can head to the local chapel, which is just 5 minutes from the site. On site, you can make the most of freshly caught oysters in one of the cabins that are located near the beach. To park, you have to pull over in the village because the site does not have parking. However, the small step will make your day more pleasant while discovering the beautiful little streets of Cap Ferret !