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Celebrities in Cap-Ferret

Thanks to the calm offered by the Cap-Ferret, a number of celebrities decide to hide there or to benefit from a little tranquility away from the urban echoes that they must meet every day. In fact, paparazzi and other "nosy parkers " do not exist in the peninsula. It is all the more for this particularity that the "peoples" appreciate greatly the stays in Cap-Ferret. In this place, they can be who they are and can live normally without prowler in the area.

The list is long if we want to mention the stars who often rub shoulders with the lands of Cap Ferret, but we will try to unveil the best known who love to spend their time in the peninsula. One of the illustrious personalities who decided to make his life there is Benoît Bartherotte with charming huts that he rents in Cap-Ferret. Pascal Obispo preferred to combine relaxation and work. As a result, he has taken advantage of the calm of the city and today he has started up a recording studio where he produces his best songs having as muse the Bay of Arcachon. He even dedicated several titles to the great blue lagoon following the example of "L'île aux oiseaux" ( The Island of Birds )

The couple Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet are also among the peoples who appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of Cap Ferret. They came mainly to recharge their batteries during the pregnancy of the actress where she was expecting her second child. We often saw the happy dad walking around the local beaches while Marion preferred to stay in peace and quiet in their villa on the Atlantic coast.

Also, the comedian Gilles Lellouche is often met in this place as well as the famous Philippe Starck having some good time in Cap Ferret. They do not frequent each other, but have a small liking for the Penal Code of the region, which is the punishment of those who disturb or disrupt the famous personalities of stay in Cap Ferret.