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Beach of Bertic in Claouey

Cap Ferret is potentially full with beaches which will really blow you aways to the extent that it will immediately encourage visitors to explore. One of the most popular sites in the city is the beach of Bertic, modestly located north of the oyster farming area of ​​Claouey, offering beautiful golden sand with an azure sea that turns pale other nearby sites.

This beautiful pearl with calm waters is ideal to get delicious moments and to devote yourself to tanning sessions while taking advantage of a good tasting of oysters for the aperitif of the noon! The beach of Bertic gives a superb view on the Bay of Arcachon. It is however less crowded than others, but once you have tasted the pleasures of swimming on its water giving nice anchorages, you can not do without it. Bertic beach will then become your favorite place in the world!

The site will make you live a pleasant day that you will not be able to forget! It is ready to welcome the whole family and it is favourable for children. A wonderful source of youthful memories, your toddlers will delight on the edge of this beach that offers an opportunity to play endlessly with its blonde sand promising beautiful golden castles!

While being on the spot, you will find the Baloo Club which has several leisure activities to entertain your toddlers outside the beach. The latter has, among other things, a suitable area to provide less competition to extend its towel. It is suitable for swimming at high tide during which the beach is less covered.

How to reach Bertic Beach? Take the road leading to Michelet Avenue. However, you can also take the D106 highway to Claouey then head to the Pastourelles road. Complete the circuit by passing the place des Pastourelles just next to the campsite. There is a number of free parking and a variety of leisure activities, including kitsurfing, which is the most popular on Bertic beach.