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History of Cap Ferret

Cap Ferret, offering a wealth of history as well as a cultural diversity, must continue to pursue its path among the most economically active and developed nations of Europe. The city was able to preserve its title of being the prominent tourist destination in the Metropolitan France ... A journey whose credit goes to all those who hardly worked, over the three centuries, in order to to entrust a remarkable and a fast-growing country as we know today!

The first people of Cap Ferret

Some fishermen were the first to invade several parts of the peninsula. The latter were most interested because they was able to find what they were looking for at the entrance of the pond on the ocean side where they could track fish in abundance. They then constructed makeshift huts on the shorelines to simplify their journey through a channel. It was in 1857 that the population began to diversify. Customs officers, civil servants and lighthouse keepers have settled on the southern shore of the Basin. The oyster farmers will appear later in the reign of Napoleon III in 1860.

How was the hot springs spa resort formed?

In 1809, the State of Cap Ferret has undertaken the first reforestation work so that the land could be part of the state-owned forest of Garonne. The alienation of the 44 hectares which took place in 1908 has turned the tide in order to categorize the Cap Ferret as a seaside resort. More precisely, on October 12, 1908, several activities were carried out so as to promote the image of the peninsula: hunting, fishing, seaside resort, etc. Beginning in 1955, it has been noticed that tourism grew rapidly, mostly thanks to the wealthy Bordeaux residents who came to build luxury establishments aimed at wealthy clientele.