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A very calm setting and a good environment for tranquility, Cap-Ferret is a prominent tourist destination which get itself talked about all over the world ! The peninsula is one of the most sought-after places in the world for its landscapes, where you can breathe some good and fresh air.

Before leaving for a trip, it is necessary to plan the accommodation 3 months in advance in order to avoid finding yourself in a dwelling that does not correspond to your selection criteria. In this context, allow us to suggest you the holiday rental, an original way to stay differently in Cap-Ferret!

It is a solution that is intended for the holidaymakers who want to occupy an individual place in privacy. The holiday rental remains a perfect alternative in order to make the most of the holidays without any other people invading your living space and, in this way, it will guarantee you a stay in abundance and intimate.

There are several kinds of holiday rental in Cap-Ferret that we will try to list in order to give you an idea on the right choice to opt. The first category concerns the holiday house rental or a villa rental specially dedicated to people traveling in large communities. As the purpose of an holiday rental is to give you the opportunity to live in a house solely for your use, the concept of the holiday house rental or a villa rental is to offer you an entire residence with furniture and well equipped, with garden and for the lucky ones, with swimming pool.

The second category is the apartment rental, it is perfect to accommodate a family up to 6 people. The difference with the villa rental is that you will stay in a fairly small space, but that has some comfort. To finish the list, there is a cottage rental, intended for single- handed travelers or couples looking for a cozy atmosphere with an affordable price.

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