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Gastronomy in Cap-Ferret

The Cap-Ferret pays particular attention to its gastronomy which is peculiarly inventive and refined. When you are traveling in the peninsula, do not just spend your time on the exploration sessions, allow yourself the luxury of appreciating some pleasant moments around the tables of Cap Ferret, which offer delicious specialties to delight the taste buds! In this article, let us see together the famous preparations which are the most appreciated in Cap-Ferret that you must absolutely taste during a stay in the city.

They are all delicious to the extent that it is impossible to miss them in Cap-Ferret, the white dunes of Pascal will drool you over only by looking at them! The place where you will be served these delicious pastries becomes a meeting place for the inhabitants of Cap Ferret who invite tourists to come and savour a little golden cup cake without powdered sugar but well lined with whipped cream.

Chocolate production is also a gastronomic part of Cap-Ferret which is particularly renowned for the city. At Patachou, for example, delicious cakes are served to your heart’s content with hot chocolate.

The cocktail hour is among other things, respected by everyone in Cap-Ferret, especially at Cap-Apéro, where you are served a special card ideal for sipping cocktails, accompanied by sausage, duck rillette and homemade cakes ... A must-see gourmet discovery to do with the friends in order to find the right mood!

And finally, let us finish our delicious journey by exploring the incomparable taste offered by the oysters of Cap-Ferret. How are they prepared in the corner? The good old method is to appreciate shellfish with lemon, but for better sensations in the mouth, you can also relish on an excellent skewer of oysters with seafood or an exotic plate where these last ones are marinated with a spicy seasoning with as an accompaniment of the strainers, a kind of local flat sausage.