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The beach of the Center at Cap-Ferret

As we know, Cap-Ferret is one of the prominent destinations in Metropolitan France. In fact, it is highly appreciated thanks to the enchanting contrasts which confer the properties of a true haven of peace on Earth! Among its beautiful jewel of change of scene, there is the beach of the Center, a site of great extent where the holiday makers spend most of their time on the shore of that site.

The beach of the Center at Cap-Ferret is mainly located between that of the lighthouse and the jetty Bélisaire. It is roughly frequented during the high season and has a certain affluence even outside the summer periods. It remains one of the most beautiful pearls in the area and it is favourable to take the whole family in order to benefit from the sea in full sun.

The site is ready to accommodate the castles made with sand by your toddlers as well as endless games that you will practice by the sea: kitesurfing, kayaking, sailing, etc. How to reach the beach? The access is simple, just take the path to the Walter Reinhard Square which will take you directly into the heart of the destination. The display of towels is pretty rough, think of leaving early so that you can get a spot up to your expectations.

If you want to quench your thirst or to get something to eat, there are restaurants just close to the beach where you can spend pleasant moments while savoring the local specialties. In order to bring happiness to  your toddlers, you will have the opportunity to offer them an ice cream or cool drinks so that they can cool off and that they will be in great shape for the afternoon swim!

However, it is important to know that the tide can change the appearance of the beach immensely. In order to protect your children from the possible risks of drowning, you have to know the movements of the sea.