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The weather in Cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret is a destination where the beaches seem endless giving a great opportunity to change places every day during your holidays. You can go there as soon as the sun rears its head, it is pleasant to spend good moments at the edge of a shore with the blond sand and the turquoise sea. However, it is important to know the weather before going out to the beach or before planning the holidays ! The weather in Cap Ferret is now!

Throughout the year, the average temperatures change between 12 ° C (January) and 27 ° C (August). As far as the sea trips are concerned, it has a temperature between 10 and 20 ° C. It is necessary to know that the months of October, November and December are the most rainy months of the year at Cap Ferret. We recommend that you focus on months between April and October in order to take advantage of an excellent climate.

Cap Ferret benefits from a warm temperate climate which subjects a strong presence of precipitation throughout the year, even during the summer when the climate is dry (June, July and August). The climate classification of Cap Ferret is in the Cfb type with an average of 13.0 ° C annually. An average of 1073 mm of rainfall is recorded, so it is advised to find out the weather before going on a trip to avoid the storms at Cap Ferret.

August is the favorable month to go on holiday to Cap Ferret in order to take advantage of a warm and dry climate during your stay. However, do not forget to equip yourself suitably, because small rains can arise in the early afternoon, nothing bad, just short showers that last only a few minutes.

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