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The district Le Four in Cap-Ferret

The old town of the fishermen, Le Four is without doubt the smallest district of Cap-Ferret. In spite of its miniature dimension, it remains a most appealing village where it is good to live while appreciating the softness of the sun. The old town has preferred to develop at its own pace and knew how to take its name from the famous resin oven which consisted in working the hulls of boats so that the latter can become watertight and solid.

The district of Le Four hosts an oyster port exclusively dedicated to the professional field. There is only one oyster hut for the passing visitors who come to the city and who want to taste the famous shellfish from Arcachon. The square is located at the end of avenue Léon Lesca and is known by its waterfront!

How to reach Le Four? When you arrive at Claouey, turn left at the Camping Les Viviers from the main road and go on to the straight without going into the campsite. However, if you want to visit the fish tank, you will have to go to the Camping because the latter have privatized the place and made the area a paradise for summer visitors. Today you can take advantage of an excellent swimming in a swimming pool or you can benefit from canoe sailing. Unfortunately, only the residents of the campsite can access it.

The district of Le Four in Cap-Ferret has, among other things, a leisure park, which can be seen from the main road. You can take your toddlers to play games such as mini-golf, fighter runs, climbing, extreme sports (skateboarding) and aerjump. If they feel like eating something, then a small snack is available to satisfy those who are finicky by offering them ice cream or cold drinks.

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