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The Vineyard in Cap-Ferret

La Vigne, the glamorous French city, is the perfect destination for a dream holiday in the midst of an enchanting environment that encourages exploration. It is the last village to cross in order to reach the point and it is accessible by boat thanks to the existence of its picturesque marina.

The place is indeed visible from the road, you will surely not miss it! As soon as you see the port, you can be reassured that you are already at your destination? Besides, do you know that the peninsula has only one landing-place to land the boats? It is actually the same marina that accepts only the small gauges of 7.5 m. You will not notice the imposing Yacht on the banks of the city.

The district bears its name from its large plantations of vineyards which were cultivated around the fish tank, but which were later redesigned into a marina. No vineyard was spared, only the name remained!

The village La Vigne in Cap-Ferret has a pleasant aquatic break located near the harbor further to the north. It is a family and safe beach, favourable for outings with children especially since it is heavily monitored, especially during the summer season. The site is dedicated to swimming and various water activities such as windsurfing and kayaking.If you turn right at the entrance of the port, you will discover in this spot, a great place to crash so as to get a beautiful view of the Bay of the Arcachon and the Dune du Pilat from the beach. The show is just amazing and the view is pleasantly panoramic ! The main activity, however, is around the marina, and yet, if you do not own a sailboat, it is possible for you to get yourself fit out with the various clubs around the beach.

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