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The district of the Herbe in Cap-Ferret

A small town located between the Canon and the port of Vine, the district of the Herbe is a small authentic village with the enchanting characters that arouse great interest. A true appearance of postcards, its landscapes are fabulously colored and breathe life. The village, like many other cities of Cap-Ferret, contains many riches that any tourist should give importance because the latter are full of history and culture.

The district of the Herbe is often referred to being the most beautiful village of the peninsula. This may be due to the fact that it is quite distant and that is what makes of this place a special one ? After all, it is the only one to be named inventory of the picturesque sites of France. A large fishing town, it is made up of small huts with rather considerable number which are multicoloured and exude a calm and serene atmosphere.

A village full of oyster farmers and fishermen, the Herbe du Cap-Ferret opens wide its doors to visitors who wish to savor their famous oysters with a timeless and unique taste. You can also order a plate of shrimp accompanied by a bottle of white wine to get an explosion in the mouth that you will not forget!

When you are on the spots, do not hesitate to admire the marvelous Chapel, with Moorish attractive traits, which is located close to the illustrious Villa Algérienne de Lesca. Recently renovated, the latter is majestically built in front of the Bay of Arcachon and conceals the whole history of the Peninsula particularly linked to the past of the families of farmers who took advantage of the forest resources in the 19th century.

The district of the 'Herbe has 2 beautiful sea pearls, the first of which bears the name of the village and the second one is the Chapelle. The beach of the Herbe, located at the extreme north of the city is a site close to the oyster farming village while the second, the beach of La Chapelle, lies further to the south. Both of them are ideal for outings  with family by taking advantage of a clear water and breathing freshness and calm. You will also find free parking spaces and picnic areas for a good time.