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Scuba diving at the far tip of Cap-Ferret

Equip yourself with your flippers, take your oxygen bottles, you will be taken to observe the marine resources of the Bassin d'Arcachon, especially at the far tip of Cap-Ferret! Going off to discover the fauna and flora of the great lagoon is one of the activities to be done to your heart’s content in the peninsula. The ecosystem of the latter is roughly diversified, they count a hundred animals living in the Basin ... Only local professionals know their hiding places ...

To quote only the most known example, the spider crab, the velvet-crab, the triggerfish, the mullet or the skate, the cuttlefish, the red mullet and the sea anemone-jewelry belong to the aquatic "inhabitant" who have made the blue lagoon their place of residence. However, unless you are lucky, it is often difficult to notice them without the help of professionals.

On this subject, Cap-Ferret is provided with several brands offering services including exploration of aquatic sites, first dive and various training courses. A wide range of spots will be at your disposal ... It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best! You will be surprised by the biodiversity of the marine wealth of Arcachon and let yourself be guided by experienced guides who know the Basin like the back of their hand.

The majority of divers are looking for visibility during a diving session, but when exploring Cap Ferret, even at a depth of 4 m, your eyes will really blow away at the bottom of the great By of 'Arcachon which offers an average temperature of 19 ° C. However, it is necessary to calculate your time of launching in order to avoid the possible troubles caused by the change of tide.

Once immersed in water, you will witness a rich and colorful life. The sea anemones that adorn the corals are like pretty multicolored fireworks, not to mention the aquatic diversity that you do not expect to discover in the depths of the lagoon.