Tourism in My Home In Cap Ferret

Very easy to access because of  its proximity to the city of Bordeaux (50 km), the Cap Ferret is a destination which knows how to combine gracefully the great beaches struck by the turbulent waves of the Atlantic Ocean with the calm of the Basin of Arcachon joined by small beaches as well typical as picturesque. Located on a narrow strip of land between Ocean and Basin, the Cap Ferret runs for about twenty kilometers. Your bike rides in the pine forest following the grid of cycling paths that cross the forest of Lège can be rewarded by a tasting of oysters near the landing of Bélisaire or among the stalls of the market of Cap Ferret. As for the bathing, it's up to you to choose between the calm waters of the pool that lick the beach of the Pointe aux Chevaux or that of the Phare, or between the stirring of the waves more stormy, to the ocean side of the peninsula, feeding the Rolls of the beaches of Horizon or Grand Crohot in Lège. 

Whether you are looking for a peaceful bathing with your family  or a strong sensation experience, the beaches of Cap Ferret have many assets that will satisfy your desires. Not forgetting the climbing of the dune of the Pilat which will offer you a 360 ° panorama on all the basin of Arcachon. Thus the activities provided by the surrounding nature and the preserved ones are as well numerous as varied! There are plenty of places to visit. The two must-sees of the city make it possible to meet, again, the maritime dimension and the historical heritage. The ascent of the 258 steps of the Phare still in activity is an instructive experience that will offer you a superb view over the entire Arcachon basin. As for the "44 hectares" district, it embodies one of the distinctive features of Cap Ferret. During a walk under the pines that shade this area, you can admire a hundred houses in the falsely simple and modest style, become bourgeois in the fullness of time. The Third Republic had privatized a part of the state forest of the Landes making it, thus,  accessible to purchase in exchange for a small sum to the local  and owners of grand cru. 

Spending your holidays in Cap Ferret will guarantee you a relaxing stay thanks to a preserved nature and a tourism break at the heart of a city with a rich historical heritage and a tasty gastronomy.