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Find your apartment rental in Cap Ferret Lherbe

The idyllic landscape of the Bassin d'Arcachon, bathed  in a fantastic luminosity whatever the time of day, can become the daily decor of your holiday ... or even better the view from the balcony of your apartment rental in Lherbe. Find your apartment rental in Cap Ferret Lherbe!

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Consult our apartment and flat rental offers in Cap Ferret Lherbe and pick up the ideal property for your next holiday. My home in also proposes some apartments for rent in Cap Ferret or villas available in Lherbe.

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Rent an apartment in Cap Ferret Lherbe

All the oyster farming villages of the Bassin d'Arcachon have their own particularity. The jetty of Bélisaire which juts out onto the sea, the peaceful oyster barns of Petit Piquey, the lighthouse of Cap Ferret which sits in front of the ocean ... Stopping in each one of them will give you access to a different place, endowed with strong singularities that make all the charm. If you are curious, we highly recommend you to discover these charming microcosms in the company of country guides. Jean-Louis, the driver of the little train that crosses the peninsula, Jean-Jacques sailor of his state or Mathieu, young surf instructor ... They know the history of the peninsula like the back of their hands, the trades of the sea have no secret for them, the local figures are like members of their family and the anecdotes of the Basin are part of their family history. As you can see, all these guides have one thing in common: they are great lovers of the Basin and the region. They also want to share with you its history, to reveal the hidden treasures of the surrounding flora and fauna.

Say Mom, how do they grow oysters? What is the name of this bird? From this boat? Why is there no water today?... They will answer all the questions of the family with warmth and patience. For example, you will know everything about the culture of oysters, about the life in winter in the Basin when tourists have deserted beaches and oyster barracks... These visits will also be an opportunity to meet beautiful men and passionate women, guardians of the beauty of the peninsula.