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Budget rentals in Cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret has the reputation of being a bit chic and bourgeois. However, the several pines on the peninsula also shelter more modest and affordable houses. You can also find typical fishermen's huts very comfortably furnished, located just a stone’s throw away from a small beach. Discover our budget holiday rentals in Cap Ferret.

Our Budget rentals in Cap Ferret

Here are our holiday villas offers in Cap Ferret, Gironde. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Cap Ferret offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment in Cap Ferret, or a nice villa with a swimming pool in Cap Ferret or a classical fisherman house.

Rent a budget accommodation in Cap Ferret

In summer, a house rental in Cap Ferret is not necessarily synonymous with expensive holidays. My Home In helps you to manage your budget while offering you rentals of spacious and typical houses in the most charming places of the peninsula of Cap Ferret. Of course, the more you anticipate your holidays, the more the grid of availability of houses will be important and the price of the rental advantageous. You can choose to stay at the heart of the city of Cap Ferret, stay in the quiet and convivial atmosphere of Lège or relax in the maritime and enchanting surroundings of Bélisaire. Whatever the location of your hiring, it is the perfect opportunity to go to the fishing mussels with your family. Oysters are not the only shellfish prized in the Basin. Other crustaceans with subtle and iodized flavors also attract visitors. At low tide, just bend down to pick up cockles and clams. Small tip: two small holes on the surface of the sand tell you where to scrape and find the shells. Baked periwinkles can be brightened up your pre-dinner drinks. Near the oyster parks, wild mussels are eagerly waiting to be picked. Once scraped, enjoy a recipe in the Landes style: mussels to the cheer. Arrange the hinges in the air on a bed of dry pine needles, cover them with rings and turn them on. A succulent meal in perspective, especially if you savor it in the garden of your house rental. If, however, a daily shellfish collection seems a bit constraining, you can always satisfy your cravings for iodized flavors on the market stalls that will welcome you every morning. An offer of rental apartments in Cap Ferret is also available on My Home In.