The Bay of Arcachon

Cap Ferret surroundings

The famous Bay of Arcachon is a marvelous mesotidal lagoon majestically located in the Landes de Gascogne in the Gironde region. All on its own, it interrupts the 260 km dune cordon of the Silver Coast. It is very different from the other lakes of the Landes because it opens up on the Atlantic Ocean through the famous passes of the Bay of Arcachon.

It hosts a small inland sea of ​​155 km2 at high sea and 40 km2 at low tide. Activities dominating the area include oyster farming, recreational activities and fishing. Since June 8, 2014, it has been designated to give a shelter to the marine nature park. The Bay of Arcachon takes a triangular shape which consists essentially of 80 km of flat coasts and wooded dunes.

The great lagoon of Arcachon is not only maintained by the ocean, it is also fed by sources of runoff and fresh water of the Eyre. The sea has only one access to the Bay : the "passes", a set of channels 3 km wide that guarantees exchanges between the ocean and the bay.

Thanks to its status as a "wetland" and its original character, the lagoon holds a privileged place in the National Green and Blue Trail. It has always preserved its ecological aspect in good condition. The climate in the Bay of Arcachon presents a mild and sunny weather in summer throughout the year making the holidays pleasant. Winters are quite rainy, however, the snowfall is less severe.

The Bay of Arcachon is rich in cultural heritages, following the example of the Landes forest, which encircles the territory. The shacks are also marvelous places that are worth seeing with their construction on stilts ... That’s not something you see everyday! If you have the opportunity to go to the lighthouse of Cap Ferret, you will be able to be in full possession one of the most beautiful views of the world!